Arkmodel 1/72 Red Shark RC Submarine Kit Nuclear Dynamic Diving Plastic Unassembled Scale Model

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ARKMODEL 1/72 Red Shark RC Submarine Kit Nuclear Dynamic Diving Plastic HIGH QUALITY Remote Control Boat Model KIT [C7609K]

Ship introduction:
Red shark’s external design from latest stealth CHINA nuclear attack submarine(cross rudder)
ARTR size/weight:866x110mm/5000g(ARTR box)
Kit size/weight:700x190x160mm/3500g(Kit box)

Kit needs to be assembled and colored by yourself.


Kit introduction:
This is a HIGH QUALITY model kit.
Suit for beginner
Suit for building an RC model or a static display model.
Red shark is a dynamic-diving submarine, without ballast tank system.(With horizontal rudder to dive, submarine must run when diving,and can not dive vertically without moving.)
This submarine’s hull is WTC too, so you needn’t buy another WTC.
All parts made by ABS/nylon, but easy to assemble.
Equipped with a water-pump systems, which is from military high-tech, supplying large thrust, low noise. It can protect blades from damaging and winding and supply a high maneuvering.
Super large space can fix in mostly submarine used electronic parts, you can update to static-diving system easily. You can buy these parts separately.
Universal larger motor cabin suit for motor from small 370 to larger 785(can with gearbox)
All metal parts such as running set made by CNC precision sizing.
Kit includes a complete static-diving system, such as water-pump. solenoid valve etc.
Kit includes the sealed stuffs
Kit includes colour decal.
Kit includes 3D illustrated step by step instruction.
Kit includes a free tools pack
Kit included:
This kit(hull) comes with almost everything that needs to build an RC running model.Kit includes a hull, decks, Injection parts, CNC-sheets, decals, instructions, machinery and electronic equipments such as motor, pump, solenoid,stuff boxes, propellers.
NOT Included:Paint, glue and electronic parts such as ESC,ERS,RC, and battery are not included. Update parts such camera system, mast elevation system are also not included.