90%-100% New: Hooben 1/16 Chinese Developed TYPE ZTZ99A PLA THIRD GENERATION Main Battle RC Tank RTR YELLOW No.6609 In stock in Japan

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Hooben 1/16 PLA ZTZ99A Chinese Developed Type Third Generation Main Battle Tank RTR: Yellow Version

Notice: the tank we offer is pure yellow version, we send the camouflage stickers with the tank.

  • ITEM: 6609
  • Model Size: 686(with barrel)*216*170mm
  • Scale:  1/16
  • For age: above 14
  • Free shipping



  • Metal Gearbox
  • With IR Battle ( Unique intelligent 5 lamps 10 lives)
  • Super simulated smoking,Idle smoke 
  • Real tank lighting effects
  • Real sound effects integrated into the world of tanks
  • HVSS suspension system
  • Multifunction VCU(Vehicle Control Unit), Double power supply system
  • 12CH 2.4G RC, multifunction to control the tank
  • Builted by HOOBEN master's handcraft
  • Batteries and charger are not included. Please contact us if you want to buy, we recommend 7.2 V NiMH battery or 2s Lipo battery. Email: sales_3@twin-horse.de


  • Forward/Reverse
  • Regular turning
  • Pivot turning
  • Super pivot turning
  • Barrel wiggle
  • Barrel elevation
  • Barrel recoil
  • Chassis recoil
  • Lighting equipment
  • Smoke generator
  • IR Battle system
  • Camera system(buy separately)
  • Metal track(buy separately)

Sound performance:

  • Ignition sound
  • Flameout sound
  • Engine sound
  • Track running sound
  • Main gun firing sound
  • Machine gun firing sound
  • Barrel wiggle sound
  • Barrel elevation sound
  • Recoil sound
  • Shells back sound
  • Bugle sound

Two styles of Hooben ZTZ99A RC Tank RTR: Yellow version and Green version.

1. Yellow version: the tank we offer is pure yellow version(see the picture in the following), we send the camouflage stickers with the tank.

Then you can use the camouflage stickers we offered to upgrade the tank(see the picture in the following).





IR Battle(Unique intelligent 5 lamps 10 lives)