Hooben 1/16 British Mk VIII Cromwell (A27M) WWII Tank Model RTR No.6652

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  • Brand :HOOBEN
  • ITEM: 6652
  • Model Size: 407x187x147mm(including barrel)
  • Scale:  1/16
  • Age:Above 14
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Metal idler: the cromwell of new batch has metal idlers.

If you buy the Cromwell tank and metal idler together, there is a 10 dollars off on the checkout.


  • Metal Chasiss
  • Metal Gearbox
  • Christie suspension system
  • Metal idlers
  • With IR Battle (Unique intelligent 5 lamps 10 lives)
  • Super simulated smoking,Idle smoke
  • Real tank lighting effects
  • Real sound effects integrated into the world of tanks
  • Multifunction VCU (Vehicle Control Unit), Double power supply system
  • 12CH 2.4G RC,multifunction to control the tank
  • Builted by HOOBEN master's handcraft
  • Turret 350degree rotation
  • Barrel real degree elevation
  • Barrel/Chassis recoil

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