Hooben 1/16 M1128 Active Service Tank American Light RC Tank RTR Green Version

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Brand: Hooben

ITEM: S6828

Model Size: 410*210*250 mm

Scale: 1/16

Age: Above 14

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1.Full Proportion Throttle and Steering Control with Forward and Backward, Turn Left and Right Function, Braking, Lighting.

2.Charger protection with Overcharge and Overcurrent, Low -Voltage Protection, when battery voltage less than 6.5V, it will stop working.

3.High-Temperature protection: when the driving motor goes high temperature, stop working until temperature becomes normal.)

4.1/16 Scale with full proportion throttle and steering control,360° rotated turret,wider attack area, reaction sensitive

5.Can be stretched out and drawn back barrel, simulation of a real tank, sharing you a real manipulating experience

6.Realistically fighting voice, enjoying yourself inside when playing

7.45°climbing, long-span driving, big wheel rolling fearless of slope obstacles, conquering all kinds of rugged roads.

8.Vehicle wheel: 8*8 drive wheel, strong power, can be climbed many multi-angle obstacles, conquering all kinds of rugged roads.

9.Chassis of tank: most of the spare parts are made of metal materials, like differential mechanisms and set of transmission shaft,

10.It can be wearproof, crashworthiness, with good -looking and long service time.

11.Waterproof Chassis design, running in any place in water.

12.Including authentic headlight, tail light and sounds.