Pro Ver 1/16 Henglong Tk7.0 Abrams M1A2 Rc Tank Ir Battle Bb Shooting 3918 360° Turret Barrel Recoil Metal Wheels

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The package includes(This tank is very heavy):
Radio controller
BB pellets
360 degree turret rotation upgrade parts
Infrared Combating Transmitter(supporting multi-player tank war)
Infrared Combating Receiver
Idle smoking generator
Smoke liquid (Maybe it can not be shipped to your country because of the shipping rules, pls forgive it.)
1800mah Tank Battery(we can provide better 5000mah-7000mah battery, please contact.)
USB Universal Charger
English manual book(Don't rely on manual book, BECAUSE sometimes the book is wrong and outdated)

Metal Parts coming with the tank
Metal tracks
Metal driving wheels
Metal idler wheels
Full metal road wheels
Metal suspension
Metal return rollers(if the real tank has)
Steel gears driving gearboxes