Heng Long Modified Edition 1/16 2.4ghz RC Soviet Union T34 Tank Model 360-Degree Rotating Turret

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*Upgraded / Steel Gear Gearbox More wear - resistant, service life multiplied.
*Upgraded / Metal Caterpillars Tracks
*Upgraded / Metal Sprocket Wheel
*Standard / Plastic Idle Wheel

*Standard / Plastic road Wheel
*Standard / Plastic Tires
*Standard / Plastic Suspension Arms

*Modified / 360-Degree Rotating Turret (Left/Right) 360 Degrees Turning Electric Slip Rings Handmade and installed on tanks.(It's not a factory standard configuration)
*Modified / 3800mah High Power Rechargeable Nimh Battery.(It's not a factory standard configuration)

Product Function:
*This Tank Can Move Forward, Speed Up Forward And Backward,Accelerate Backward, Rotating, The Barrel Can Be Raised 30 Degree.
*The Turret Can Rotate 360 Degrees
*Maximum Vertical Turning Angel Of Gun (Up/Down) Approximately 30-Degree
*Maximum Climbing Gradient (Changeable On Different Road Surfaces)
*Approximately 35-Degree
*Engine Sound, Machine-Gun Sound.
*Specifications Gun Shell: 6mm Standard BBs
*Like Real Tank Firing, Shooting 6mm BB Pellets With COOL Hull-Recoil Action And Firing Sound Effect.
*Smoke Effects Simulator.Smoking Like Real Tank From "Engine".
*Sound Effects Simulator.Each Action Acts With Mimic Real Tank Mechanical Sound.
*The Complete Electronic With Remote Control (Smoke And Sound System)
*2.4Ghz Radio Control System, It Supports Many Similar Tanks Combating Together Without Radio Intervening.

Length: 26.6 Inch,Width: 9.25 Inch,Height: 7.5 Inch,Scale: 1:16
Warning:Please Refer To The New Version Of The 2.4Ghz Radio Control System Manual , Because The Old Version Of The Manual Is Wrong.