Full Metal PDSGB Gearbox for Hooben/Henglong 1/16 RC tanks

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Weight: 1350.0g

1. Straight running - as moving forward and backward are driving from 1 motor, both sides of the output shaft are rotated synchronously, there will be no speed difference and it will keep the tank running straight, and will not cause by the resistance of different gearbox, and track then made the tank cannot run straight in traditional dual mixing gearbox system.

2.  Good steering linearity, it will turn very smooth when driving at either low or high speed with this system.

3. Super torque - Even in complex rugged terrain still able to maintain good steering performance

Available for some WWII and Modern tanks. Click the list to check the model available.

# Gearbox Plate directly fit for HL tank hull, shaft dimension, speed, and torque designed to refer to the tank model.

# Fit Taigen/asiatam/Torro tanks chassis too. but some sprockets need to use HL, please check with us before placing an order. :)

# Tested Supported Tank board:
* IBU2&3
* ASP2

* DK Tank
* HL TK6.0 or up
* Clark