Thor Robotics New ROV Underwater Robot Drone Camera Dragonfish 200H With Manipulator Arm 100M-300M Max Depth

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  • Size: 505*400*347MM(No manipulator)
  • Weight: 13-14kg
  • Max depth:100-300m(We have two versions, 200H with 100M max depth and 200H with 300M max depth)
  • Speed: 3.6km/h
  • Camera: HD Camera 1080P
  • PZT:camera with head: pitch 45 °, roll 45 °
  • Searchlight: 2x 2200 lumens
  • Propeller: horizontal direction 4pcs,vertical direction 2pcs
  • Thrust: level thrush 14kgf,vertical thrush 9kgf
  • Sensor: honeywell pressure(depth)sensor
  • Electronic compass: built-in nine-axis compass, real-time monitoring of bow and underwater attitude
  • Leak detection: with leak detection circuit
  • Automatic function: automatic depth,automatic orientation function
  • Battery: normal 2-4h

Ground Station

  • Size: 510*400*210MM
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Waterproof rating: IP67
  • Handle: Wired handle
  • Display: 14inch lcd screen
  • Status display: the display shows the power,date,time,depth,temperature and humidity
  • Battery: comes with battery power supply 4hours,AC power supply two modes
  • External power supply: 220VAC(50HZ)

Control Cable

  • Cable:100m
  • Tensile strength:60KG
  • Version:Wire&Ground Station (with Manipulator)

1. 200H without Mechanical Arm

2. 200H with Mechanical Arm

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