Partially Damaged: TRENCHROVER 110 ROV Underwater Robot Drone KIT/RTR

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RTR upgrade version(100X ROV) please click the name: 100X ROV

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1. Mechanical Arm can catch underwater rubbish,bottle,etc.
2. The Best Underwater Drone! Great for Fishing, Exploring, Mapping, Treasure Hunting, Studying Marine Life or Recording for Film Projects
3. See & Record in 4K UHD the Underwater World from Boat
5. Fishfinder & Bait Drop Line
6. 4 vector thrusters, 2 high lumen LED spotlight
7. 4K UHD Video, 1080p Real-Time Viewing, Streaming & Recording the Underwater World
8. Maximum Control Range 100M
9. Max depth 30M
10. Light Weight ROV , Easy to take outside
11. Teaching Research.Underwater entertainment.Underwater operation.
12. Glass fiber, ABS shell and transparent sealed cabin
13. FPV suit Android and IOS available
14. And our standard Tether cable length is 30 meters, should pay extra fee if you want to extend the Tether cable length 

We can accept customized , please do not hesitate to contact us if you have other special requests.

Ways of connection : Wired, suit for Android system

The Number of Connecting Devices:  UP to 5 devices at the same time ( Only WHEN FPV Under the WIFI mode)

TrenchRover is designed for underwater researcher and FPV enthusiast.It has 4 vector thrusters,2 high lumen LED spotlights,they supply unbelievable Maneuverability and task functions .
TrenchRover is a stable platform for taking still underwater photos and videos  .
It can still suspended,Squirm speed to high speed.
Through precision adjust 4 propellers manually or automatically.
You can keep ROV still or walk around the target take photos and videos very closely.
2 high lumen LED spotlights supply bright view in deep dark water.

Two Styles:

1. R301LK-without mechanical arm

This is just KIT , not yet assembled


Preassembled hull kit ,4pcs bl motors,4pcs ESC,2pcs underwater floodlamp,3D gyroscope,30 meters Tether cable wire, FPV, RC, EgleII Eye camera with 16 GB SD card

2. R301G-with mechanical arm RTR


Weight: 4.2kg

Overall Length: 360mm

Beam: 200mm


Height:200mm(with handle)

Prop: 4xOD 28mm

Motor: 4x8000rpm

Light: 2x300 lumen

Battery: 12V3AH NI-MH/3S5AH Li-Po

Speed: 1.5 knots(2.8km/h)

Max.Depth: 5-30m

Antenna Length : 5m(RC)

Cable Length : 100 m(GroundStation)


It is the Finished  assembled model, 

include Mechanical arm, 4pcs brushless motors, 4pcs brushless ESC, 2pcs underwater floodlamp, 3-axis gyro, 100 meters cable, GS-8E ground control station (cable control system plus display panel), 5000 mAh battery, EgleII Eye camera with SD card. Ready to run. 

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