Hooben 1/10 German Leopard L2A4 Main Battle Tank RC TANK Full Option RTR No.6708

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This is a video of 1/10 Leopard tank with CS-TK16 VCU+2-axis stabilizer+I6S(10ch) RC+brushless (motor+ESC)+Slip ring(360 turret rotation):

Complete Introduction for Leopard 2A4(interior&external details): 

1/10 German Leopard2A4  L2A4 Main Battle Tank RTR

  • ITEM: 6708
  • Brand:Hooben
  • Model Size: 963*352*300MM
  • Scale:  1/10
  • Age:Above 14
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  • Metal Chasiss
  • Metal Gearbox x(2x550)
  • Fast Brushless Motor+ESC
  • Metal+Plastic Barrel
  • Super simulated smoking, Idle smoke
  • Real tank lighting effects
  • Real sound effects integrated into the world of tanks
  • TorsionBar suspension system
  • Multifunction VCU (Vehicle Control Unit), Double power supply system
  • 10CH 2.4G RC,multifunction to control the tank
  • Builted by HOOBEN master's handcraft
  • Turret 360 degree rotation
  • Barrel real degree elevation
  • Barrel/Chassis recoil
Upgrade Version : 

CS-TK16 VCU+2-axis stabilizer+I6S(10ch) RC+brushed (motor+ESC)+Slip ring(360 turret rotation)+barrel smoke